Last month, the New World Symphony announced its 2021-2022 season, which will include a mobile wall that will project live concerts throughout Miami. The 9-by-16-foot installation is a first for the symphony and will feature a high-tech sound system that will be unveiled with the season kicks off in September. If you’re in town for Miami vacation rentals, definitely check this out!

Neighborhoods are yet to be announced, but New World Symphony has been a city favorite among locals for years – in the past, they used Wallcast and allowed patrons inside the New World Center home.

New World Symphony president Howard Herring commented on the new season, “This continues our vision of sharing classical music with as many people as possible… It’s instant community building.” The concert usually draws in around 2,000 people, but after COVID called for a mobile experience, it became popular for its socially distanced, outdoor gathering style.

The symphony originally started on small screens at the Lincoln Center, then moved to the 17th street location that is now the New World Center in 2011. At first, the concert remained a hidden gem, but as Miami locals began to take notice, the crowds became so large that the lawn in front was barely visible.

The live concert season will begin in September, and they will reassess by the end of the summer capacity limits as COVID-19 allows. Wallcast concerts are free for the public, and currently, all guests must wear a mask and practice social distancing.

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