For those that like to lead upscale lifestyles, the luxury blog Pursuitist remains a major online destination focusing on leisure, food and drink, and luxury travel. It seeks to connect “affluent connoisseurs” with piquant content that connects to the high-end interests of these individuals.

One of Pursuitist’s recent posts talks about the best places to take a vacation on the East Coast. You may or may not be surprised to learn that among famous cities like New York City and Boston, Massachusetts, none other than Miami, Florida made the esteemed list of Pursuitist suggestions. The author of the post calls Miami “vibrant, unique, and stylish” and singles out its well-known qualities like the nightlife, Art Deco architecture, and the “excellent” dining options.

Is a Miami experience one of your 2021 resolutions? We want to help you stick to those resolutions with our many vacation rental opportunities in South Florida, including cities and areas like Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, and more. Please contact us to discuss what options may be available for your Miami stay.

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