What Makes the Florida Keys Perfect for Vacation

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Tips for the Best Miami Vacation

It’s no surprise that Miami continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. With its beautiful beaches, year-round warm weather, an impressive arts district, and delicious food, it’s the makings of a dream vacation. Before you plan your next vacation to Miami consider these tips. Brush up on your Spanish! […]

Florida’s Elevated Tourism Experiences

People are gradually looking forward to the day that they will fly again after being trapped at home for more than a year. They try to make the most of their holidays by including exceptional adventures that are often part of people’s bucket lists. Maybe that means going to the pool or swimming with sea […]

South Florida Magazine Publishes Staycation Guide

We are all about catering to tourists and helping them enjoy the South Florida experience to the max, but we also know that plenty of reasons exist to enjoy a good staycation, especially in South Florida. The popular Ocean Drive magazine recently provided a guide to the “ultimate Miami staycation”. Let’s explore some of the […]

Florida Spring Break Continues to Be Popular

As more people receive the vaccine, travel has begun to see adoption again, including Spring Break vacations. With its gorgeous beaches and countless recreational opportunities, it’s no surprise that Florida remains a popular Spring Break and year-round vacation destination. Air travel is now increasing in popularity. The Transportation Safety Administration announced earlier this month that […]

South Florida Doctors: Let’s Partner Up

We previously announced our SoFLA Vacations health-minded travel package aimed at those looking to visit sunny South Florida for medical tourism. We’d like to take this blog opportunity to reach out to doctors and local South Florida practices that may be looking to provide their services to such tourists and generate business. This may present […]

Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale Are Ready for Spring Break

With the upcoming arrival of spring break, many people will likely be descending upon South Florida to enjoy the warm weather, the beaches, and a potentially much-needed vacation. With the various circumstances going on, however, cities like Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale are both implementing rules and safety guidelines so that all “spring breakers” can […]

Weather the Winter in South Florida

The major news this week is the unprecedented winter storms and below zero temperatures affecting most of the country. States like Texas are facing power outages and well, the weather is not the most ideal as people bundle up and do whatever they can to stay warm. Meanwhile, South Florida remains unaffected by the frigid […]

A Vacation May Do Wonders

A holiday vacation is highly beneficial in helping the body and mind take a load off and relax. Might it be the solution to marriage difficulties as well? An article in the South Florida Reporter from last year seems to indicate that this may be the case. Nearly three in five Americans said that taking […]

Save Big With Our All-Inclusive Travel Package

We are excited to announce our new SoFLA Vacations all-inclusive health-minded travel package! Our travel package is perfect for those looking to visit South Florida to get operations such as cosmetic surgery performed as demand rises or if you are simply seeking to visit South Florida for medical tourism. The travel package covers rooms or […]